Snapdragon Book Foundation - FAQ

Documentation and Communication

Q. I am from a public school. We do not have a 501(c)(3) exemption. How can I prove my tax exempt status?
A. Just provide the link to the website of the district you are in - this will be sufficient.
Q. When it asks for “allocation of funds,” do I need to produce a book order and submit it to Snapdragon?
A. You do not have to be that specific, although we would welcome the information. We want to be able to get a good picture of how you will use the funds.
Q. Is the school required to file a form or do any follow-up with Snapdragon after it receives the grant?
A. Upon receiving notification of “winning” a grant, you will need to complete a “Grant Acknowledge Form.” This form is to be signed by the school’s principal as well as the librarian or person submitting the application. It acknowledges that the funds will be spent in accordance with the application. Most times within a year a member of the Foundation will visit your school to verify that the funds have been spent correctly and to establish a relationship with the school.
Q. Will I get verification that my grant application has been received?
A: Yes. If you have submitted your application correctly, you will be automatically directed to a webpage that says “Thank you for submitting your application.” We strongly recommend that you create your application in a word processing file first and then copy information from that document into the application. Please note that tables and bullets will lose their formatting when you copy, so we recommend not using these formatting features.

Who Can Apply

Q. Are alternative schools with libraries (youth detention centers, etc.) allowed to apply for a grant?
A. Yes, any school library that serves disadvantaged youth may apply.
Q. Can a public library or an afterschool program apply for a grant?
A. No, it has to be a school library.
Q. Can schools from other countries apply?
A. No, the grants are only available to schools in the U.S.
Q. Can a U.S. territory apply?
A. Yes.
Q. I work for more than one school. Am I allowed to submit multiple applications - one for each school?
A. Yes. You can also submit a single application on behalf of a district, if you are the person responsible for overseeing the libraries at several schools, as is often the case with smaller districts.
Q. Is PreK eligible for funding?
A. School libraries serving children PreK through 12 are eligible.
Q. I have applied for a Snapdragon grant in the past. Am I allowed to apply again?
A. Yes, even if you have received a grant in the past, you can still apply annually.

What the Money Can Be Used For

Q. Can I submit an application for other media (posters, arts and crafts supplies, software, hardware, or online databases) besides books?
A. No, all of the grant money needs to be spent on books.
Q. Can I submit an application for ebooks or iPads (or similar)?
A. Not at this time. Only grants for traditional books are accepted. Check back on this site frequently to see if the board of directors changes this requirement.
Q. Can the funds be used to staff a library (e.g. pay the hourly rate of a librarian to extend the library hours) or to provide author visits?
A. No, the funds have to be spent on books.
Q: Can my application include processing fees (like barcoding, spine labels, etc.)?
A: Yes. We recognize this as an important part of your books getting quickly into the hands of kids, especially when many of your schools and libraries have limited staff!


Q. When is the application form posted on the website?
A. The application will be posted in January of the new year. Applications may be submitted between January 1st and April 18th.
Q. When are the applications due?
A. Applications are due no later than April 18.
Q. When and where will the announcement of the grant winner be made?
A. The winners will be notified by email in June and checks will be mailed to the schools at that time. A list of the winners will appear on the website.
Q. When do the funds have to be spent?
A. We grant funds with the provision that they will be used as promised within nine months.
Q. Would funds be received in time for a Summer Reading related project?
A. Because winners are notified in June, the timeline would likely be too tight for a project that is centered on Summer Reading of the application year. It is possible to submit an application for a Summer Reading based project for the following summer.


Q. How much is the average grant?
A. Grants have ranged from $800 to $20,000. When you apply for a grant you should ask for the amount that the project requires. At times Snapdragon is not able to fulfill the complete request, but offers a partial grant.
Q. When the application asks for the number of books in the school, does it mean textbooks, classroom libraries, etc. or just the school library?
A. We ask this question so that we can better gauge the needs of the school. Ideally, this number would reflect the number of non text-books in the school. This number should generally reflect the total number of fiction, nonfiction and reference volumes in the school. Some schools don't have central libraries, but have many books located in classroom libraries. We also recognize that many applications request funding so that they can weed old materials without depleting the entire collection. If this is the case, record the number of books in the school, but make sure to include in your narrative of the project the percentage of the collection that will ideally be replaced.
Q. Does the school have to match funds in order to receive the grant?
A. No.
Q. How much of my donation to Snapdragon is used for administrative costs?
A. Snapdragon has an endowment that pays for the salaries and expenses of the board members. Each year, 100% of your donation goes towards books for school libraries for disadvantaged children.

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